Meet the team

Cooked is an independent project developed in Lisbon, Portugal.


Software engineer for over a decade, and a passionate computer science teacher.

He started Cooked so he could track his sourdough bread experiments.

Our current goal

309 Patrons left

Our goal is to be able to work on this project full time 🙏
This project is in Beta. By becoming a Patron you are supporting it's development, you might still find some bugs.
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Patron exclusive features

Import recipes from any file document, text or photo

Do you have lot's of files and written recipes that you would like to import? You can even take a photo of written recipes. Cooked organizes your recipes in seconds.

Turn any recipe into an interactive diagram

Some recipes are complex. With one click you can break down any recipe into a diagram, which you can click around and explore as you cook.

Reads you the recipe while you cook

Our AI voices turn any recipe into a playlist.

Now you can start prepping your ingredients and listen for what you should do next! No need to get your phone screen dirty anymore.

Create recipes from conversations

Everyone has a family member that knows a recipe by heart, but has not written it down. Next time they are explaining it to you, let Cooked listen as well.

Cooked understands detailed conversations and saves any recipe for you.

Private account

Keep your recipes, shopping list and journal activity private.

And a lot more features comming soon!

As a patron, you are supporting the project and allowing us to continue improving it every day. You will have acess to all the upcoming features.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or ideas.