Meet the team

Cooked is an independent project developed in Lisbon, Portugal.


Experienced software engineer, and a passionate computer science teacher.

He started Cooked so he could track his sourdough bread experiments.

Our current goal

223 Patrons left

Our goal is to be able to work on this project full time 🙏

Patron exclusive features

✨ Break down any recipe into an interactive diagram

Some recipes are complex. Now you can break them down into a diagram, which you can click around and explore as you cook.

Diagrams of all your recipes will be available to anyone else for free, even non-patrons.

Roller Skating Doodle
Roller Skating Doodle

Even works with your old cookbooks!

📜 Import recipes from any file document, text or photo

Works with any document: word, pdf, plain-text etc, photos of written recipes or even books. Cooked organizes your recipes in seconds.

✨ Understand any recipe with a glance

Sort ingredients by their role in the recipe.

Quickly gauge the complexety of your recipes, and see which ingredients you really need.

💬 Reads you the recipe while you cook

Our AI voices turn any recipe into a playlist, that steps you through the recipe.

Start prepping your ingredients while listenning for what to do next.

🖨️ Generate a clean and printable PDF

Cooked generates a beautiful printable recipe with only the essencials.

PDF's of all your recipes will be available to anyone else for free, even non-patrons.

🗣️ Create recipes from conversations

Everyone has a family member that knows a recipe by heart, but has not written it down. Next time they are explaining it to you, let Cooked listen as well.

Cooked understands detailed conversations and saves the recipe for you.

And much more!

🔒 Keep your recipes, shopping list and journal activity private.

🚀 Import recipes quickly with minimal wait times.

🔄 Convert any recipe between imperial and metric.

⭐ No ads or trackers.

🔥 Unlock all upcoming features - nutricion, meal planning, mobile app...

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Both plans are limited to a total of 300 subscriptions, 283 still available.

Patron Monthly

30% OFF

All features, unlimited usage.

Limited to 300 subscriptions.283 still available.


Patron Yearly

50% OFFSame as monthly plan, 4.99/month billed yearly.