Are you tired of scattered recipes?
Cooked transforms those long cluttered web pages into a short version which you can save and read while cooking. Even works with videos!
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Organizes your recipes automatically.

Its a breeze to find your old favorites and share them with your friends.

More than just a cookbook.

Cooked understands your recipes and simplifies your everyday shopping and cooking.

Smart shopping lists.

Cooked merges ingredients from different recipes and organizes your shopping list by supermarket aisle. Never miss an essential ingredient!
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Reads you the recipe while you cook.
Cooked can dictate any recipe step by step, so you can stay focused while cooking without juggling your phone or making a mess.
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Create recipes using your voice

Explain your recipe informally as if you are speaking to a friend. Cooked understands, summarizes and saves it for you.

Recipe remixing and sharing.

See other people's version of your favourite recipe, or take any recipe by other user and and make it your own.
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Let's start!

It's free. No registration needed. Works everywhere.

Simply add "" in front of the URL in your browser's address bar when you're browsing for a recipe.


Cooked will give you a beautiful summarized recipe which you can add your notes and edit to your liking!

Cooked has a lot more features.

Feel free to explore.

Some of our users

Best thing since the rice cooker!

- Served_With_Rice

I like it! The recipe is much easier to follow.

- nwmorr

This is wonderful! Genius! I mean, I do like reading some of the anecdotes AFTER I get it cooking

- PghRare

This is the best thing to happen in 2023. Amazing.

- whovian334

I immediately registered and populated it with my favourite recipes :)

- 4esv

I love it! Great work. I specially like that it's web based and not an app!

- FunboyFrags