Are you tired of scattered recipes?

Create a beautiful short recipe from any web page, which you can save and read while cooking.
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📕 Organizes your recipes automatically.

Your own public profile available to your friends and family.

Add your own notes to the recipes and make them your own. It's a breeze finding your old favorites!

🎞️ Even works with Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram!

Transform videos from your favourite creators into a step-by-step recipe that you can use while cooking.

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More than just a cookbook.

Cooked understands your recipes and simplifies your everyday shopping and cooking.

✨ Break down any recipe into an interactive diagram.

Some recipes are complex. Now you can break them down into a diagram, which you can click around and explore as you cook.

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🛒 Smart shopping lists.

Merges ingredients from different recipes and organizes your shopping list by supermarket aisle.

Never miss an essential ingredient!

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Cooked is social.
Share with your friends what your are cooking. Or maybe they are cooking some of your recipes? Let's see how they do!
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🌎 Improve on your recipes with the community.

See other people's versions of your recipes, and explore what your friends are cooking!

💡 Discover pairings for the ingredients you already have at home.

Have 🍄mushroom and 🥬spinach?

Cooked will suggest to pair them with 🥚eggs.

If your have eggs, select it and cooked will suggest you recipes by fellow homecooks that use those ingredients.

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Let's start!

It's free. No registration needed. Works everywhere.
  1. Simply add "" in front of the URL in your browser's address bar when you're browsing for a recipe.

  2. Cooked will give you a beautiful summarized recipe which you add your notes and edit to your liking.

  3. You can save your recipe, create your own journal, see what your friends are cooking and their take on your recipes!

Cooked has a lot more features.

Feel free to explore.


If you prefer, you can submit a webpage URL


Creating an account will give you access to more features.



Generate recipe from any website
Generate recipes from
Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok
Unlimited saved recipes
Unlimited journal and photos
Unlimited community access
Smart shopping list
organized by aisle
Access your friends journal
Smart recipe recommendations for ingredients
Adjust portions automatically on any recipe
Screen does not lock while reading recipe
Export all your recipes in one-click
we do not gatekeep your data
We do not ask for personal data
your privacy is respected


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All the features of free plan
Break down any recipe into a diagram
Convert any recipe to printable PDF
Generate recipes from any document or text
Generate recipes from any photo of a written recipe
Create recipe using voice
Recipe dictation with AI Voices
Convert between metric and imperial on any recipe
Private account allowed
Faster results and no ads
Profile picture
Support independently developed software
If you ever decide to cancel, all your recipes will still be accessible. 😊

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Frequently asked questions

No. You can read as many recipes as you want. No registration needed.

Yes. We are also committed to not running ads. We do not profit in any way from user generated content.

Instead, we provide additional features in order to support the project.

Should work with almost any. If you find a website that doesn't work, please click the "report" button and we will fix it.

Yes. We support importing recipes from any file, not just word documents or pdf's. Apps like Paprika have an export feature, simply take the exported files and upload them to

If you have lots of recipes, we can help you. Get in touch.

Blog posts offer valuable information, but when users are ready to cook, a concise and mobile-friendly recipe is essential.

In response to requests from numerous content creators, we are developing a plugin that enables bloggers to seamlessly integrate recipe cards into their articles.

We're excited to explore this further with you. Get in touch!